February 28, 2014

Chasing Gillian – A critique of Adam by Ariel Schrag

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Is it Level?

Well, this is problematic.  I don’t have anything against Ariel Schrag, per say like I do Norah Vincent  (the reasons for which I could describe at length). Schrag is a talented writer.   Adam  opens with a crushingly awkward and awesome scene where Adam, the 17-year-old protagonist tries to make out with a pretty girl in her bedroom while she IMs her other friends.  It sucked me in, I’ll admit.  When I picked the Advance Reading Copy off of a pile in my hallway to break my reading slump, I thought I was in for a light young adult novel – and it is, really – teenage protagonist, absent adults, adventure to new city, first-time sex.  Plus the blurb on the front was written by none other than Alison Bechdel , I mean holy crap, I love pretty much everything she’s done.

Synopsis:  Adam, socially awkward, 17 year old…

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